What Is MGM?

Equinox is pioneering a new understanding of glaucoma based on deep exploration into the physics of the eye and eye pressure. This new understanding is based on the discovery and research into Multi-Pressure Glaucoma Management, or MGM.

Glaucoma is a disease of pressure. In a healthy eye, the intraocular pressure in the eye (IOP) is slightly higher than the intracranial pressure in the brain (ICP). Glaucoma has always been thought of as a one-pressure disease with high IOP as a leading risk factor.

We’ve discovered, however, that glaucoma is likely a two-pressure disease—the balance between IOP and ICP. If IOP is high, or ICP is low, glaucoma may ensue.



This imbalance in pressure between the eye and brain may not only lead to glaucoma, but also other progressive eye diseases such as Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH), Hypotony, and VIIP.

IIH, Hypotony, and VIIP

Up to now, doctors have addressed increasing eye pressure by attempting to lower pressure in the eye with powerful drugs, invasive devices or surgery. These treatments are difficult to predict, control, and manage over time.

MGM utilizes the natural laws of physics to balance pressures in and around your eye. When a mild negative pressure is applied in the front of the eye, the pressure inside the eye is reduced and the balance of pressures inside and behind the eye is delicately restored.