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Vision for Mars winner and SMARTCAP grant recipient Equinox, LLC

In recent years, the National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) launched the “Vision for Mars” Challenge to assist NASA astronauts with innovative vision technology to assist and protect their vision during exposure to the challenges of space travel.

Equinox is proud to have been selected and funded by the NSBRI to continue research and production of innovative goggle technology that can protect astronauts’ vision during space travel.

One aspect of space travel is the change in pressure within the spacecraft and within the astronauts themselves. The goggle technology produced by Equinox, along with its revolutionary research into the relationship between eye pressure and brain pressure, can help protect astronauts from vision issues during space travel.

Equinox is excited to continue development of vision technology that will not only benefit astronauts during space travel, but also benefit millions of people on earth who suffer from glaucoma.

Thanks to our partnership with initiatives like Vision for Mars, Equinox truly is the intergalactic leader in the physics of ocular health.


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Vision for Mars winner and SMARTCAP grant recipient Equinox, LLC talks building capacity and gaining visibility by way of SMARTCAP. Watch as they demo their groundbreaking device that seeks to equalize eye pressure in glaucoma patients on Earth as well as in astronauts on long duration space flight.

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